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KS House

Residential house with tropical modern concept in the middle of Yogyakarta city.

BI House

A house project with a Japanese urban minimalist residential concept.

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MD House

A simple house that grows with a traditional tropical concept

PE House

Two-storey house on limited land in the south of Yogyakarta city


BS House

BS house is a one-story residence with the scandinavian house concept

ABS Studio House

A multi-functional space as a residence, visual design studio and ballet studio


DB House

House with modern Japanese residential concept, attracting natural elements into the building

Al-muttaqin Mosque

Mosque with modern architecture, design prioritizes the value of functionality and ease of maintenance


RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul

Re-design and rejuvenation of facade & main entrance to be more modern and characterful

BD House

Renovation of the house to make it look more modern and have more space

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IP House

A small house with an open space concept so that in one room there are various kinds of room functions

PS House

Corner house that has two faces with a modern minimalist concept contained on the fa├žade of the house

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